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Ok, I'm having a bit of a love fest over the last few days with this new MKX, am I crazy???

In another 6mos or so, I will be looking to replace my 2014 MDX and while it's been an excellent car, and my local dealer has been very nice to deal with, there's just no way I will move to a 2017 with the identical interior.

While I appreciate some of the small exterior changes on the new one, my view is from the driver's seat 90% of the time and I feel like a change of scenery.

It's a lease, and I will likely do the same with the next wheels, so long term reliability and resale are not huge priorities, although I realize resale impact residuals, which makes for a solid lease and value in the MDX.

I have not driven the MKX, only seem i the flesh first time last week, and I have to say, it's growing on me very fast. The grill was the only questionable part, but I'm starting to warm up, all other angles are actually really nice IMO, much better than MDX in my eyes.

Losing the 3rd row is a bummer.....I don't *need* it, but admittedly, the extra cargo room and "what if" is nice to have in my back pocket.

Buddy of mine just got a brand new Edge Sport, fully loaded and it's a nice drive, the Lincoln is nicer and much less "Edge-y" than it used to be.

The 22-way seats with massage are pretty cool, the tech with Sync-3 is eons ahead of the Acura, and well.......thoughts? opinions?

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