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hi everyone, i recently purchased a 2015 acura mdx from a private seller and there are two areas with chipped paint. the previous owner covered them up with touch up paint but since this feels like a new car to us, i'd like to investigate getting the 2 areas fixed up prior to getting a ceramic coating put on the exterior.

one area is on the rear right corner of the bumper and is about the size of a nickel and the other is on the right side mirror casing about the size of a dime.

do you recommend i go to the dealer for their options to touch it up or should i go to an independent to get those areas touched up?

also, can paint shops just fix these small areas or do they have to paint the entire component it's part of (mainly concerned about the bumper one because i don't want to repaint the entire bumper and have it look off from the rest of the paint). any advice or info is appreciated!

i'll put up pictures tonight
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