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So, I have read the many posts by 2014 and 2015 MDX owners and first, thank you all that offer real information and actual experience and to the flamers I just say -- go somewhere else and get a life and ponder the word civility.

After quite a long research period I was zero'ing in on buying a 2015 Acura (and still may). Yes there are great competitors out there from many angles -- BMW x5, loaded Highlanders and Murano's, Audi Q5, the Mazda CX -9, even the Explorer and a few others. But the MDX has kept rising to the top. I dismissed early on the old Volvo XC 90, but then I read the spec's and reviewed the available info on the completely re-engineered and redesigned XC 90 SUV and I am intrigued. I have seen many postings comparing the new MDX to other SUV's but none specifically commenting on it versus the 2016 XC 90.

Bottom line. Has anyone out there done some early comparisons MDX to new XC 90 or have any info on the XC 90 that bears on a comparison to the 2015 MDX?

Thanks in advance
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