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2014 Trailer Wiring Error

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Our 2014 Advance has an error in the factory wiring. The Battery and Brake leads at the brake controller connector under the dash are reversed. I compensated by reversing the two when I connected the wires to our Prodigy P2 controller. Have not yet talked to Acura, but will Monday. This may not be unique to our vehicle.
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I hope this is it. Be ause I'm stuck in limp mode. And I can only go 45 mph at 3500 rpm. And codes everywhere. Transmission refused to work I have to pull over 2 or 3 times to get it to go in 2nd gear. It's horrible having to drive to work 50 miles at 45 mph at 3509 or 4000 rpm
This thread is about trailer light wiring on 2014 MDXs, you may want to start a new thread about your transmission woes.
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