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For my 2014MDX the ATF fluid should be ATF-DW1: PN# 08200-9008A, the A standing for Acura.
The Honda PN# for the same ATF-DW1 is the same # without the A (this was already explained elswhere in this forum)

As Acura doesn't exist here in Europe where I live (the MDX was privatly imported, taken along with a move from the US), I get the parts through Honda.
This is no problem for most mechanical and maintenance items (just MDX parts that are really model specific will need to be ordered from abroad (either Japan or the US),

When I tried to order the ATF from Honda, they couldn't find the Honda ATF-DW1 PN# 08200-9008.
After they did some research I was told that number is discontinued and is replaced by the new ATF-DW1 PN#: 08268-999-01HE, no other ATF-DW1 available.

The 08268-999-01HE stands for the 1L canister, the 4L canister has PN# 08268-999-04HE, so I ordered this as nothing else exists here and figuring as long as it is Honda DW1, it must be OK.

But just for my peace of mind (before I change the ATF), can anyone possibly confirm that Acura(Honda) advised ATF-DW1: PN# 08200-9008(A) is indeed the same as the new revised ATF-DW1 PN# 08268-999(-01HE)?
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