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I have around 39K miles on my 2014 MDX and the last time I check, the brakes were fine and didn't need to be replaced yet - and they're the original brakes. Regardless, you should go ahead and have your brakes checked so you have an idea of whether they have reasonable life left on them or should be replaced. The actual life one will get out of brakes will vary with one's driving style. It's best to be safe and have them checked and if needed, have them replaced at your convenience rather than at an inopportune emergency time.

My original tires also still have life left on them so I'm not replacing them yet. I rotate the tires at the same time I replace the oil/filter - which is roughly every 8K miles. The rotation, as defined in the owner manual, is that the fronts go to the backs on the same side and the backs cross to the opposite sides of the fronts. This ends up having each tire eventually used at each corner. You want to make sure you rotate the tires in order to get the full life out of them and not have one or two wear unevenly and then get caught replacing other tires early or replacing tires one at a time, which will be aggravating and result in worse handling and less safety. If you don't know whether the tires have ever been rotated, just go ahead and rotate them now.

You should change the oil once the minder hits 5% life remaining but when it's at around 15% or so left you should keep in mind it'll need to be changed soon and pick a convenient time for you so it doesn't hit 0%. If you know you have an upcoming road trip you'll be on when the life runs out you should change it before then - perhaps at 20% or even 30% depending on how long the trip is.

I don't know what you mean by 'assign the computer to...' but just check the maintenance minder every now and then and pay attention when it pops the codes.

If you really wanted to be proactive, you could schedule a service at an Acura dealer (or a trusted independent mechanic - not a quickie lube) to change the oil, rotate the tires, inspect the brakes, and inspect the vehicle generally to make sure it's sound. I change the oil/filter myself so you could that yourself as well if you want.

Note - if you know which dealer might have serviced this vehicle prior to you owning it, or if it's any Acura dealer who serviced it, or have receipts of any prior service, you might be able to skip some of the proactive steps I mentioned above regarding the oil change, tire rotation, etc. If you don't know if its been serviced then contact your local Acura dealer service department, tell them you just bought a used one, and ask if they can check to see if it has service records in their system where it's been serviced at any Acura dealer. That'd give you a benchmark on it.
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