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** My First Post **
Long time MDX and Acura owner, currently have a 2014 MDX (mine) and 2016 RDX (wife).

Recently, I purchased a dual port car charger to use in the charging port in the middle console. I did this for two reasons, simultaneous phone charging and didn't want the phone interacting with vehicles tech console.

Upon installing the charger which is well within the power requirements for the port the front AC unit output was noticeably weaker and within a week a stop outing air altogether. While the vehicle was in operation with the car charger installed in the console port and the AC set to the lowest temp (full power), the air output was zero. Upon unplugging the charger the air began to blow at full power. Plugged back in and immediately the output stopped.

Question, ideas of what is going on? Thanks in advance!
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