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I just bought a 2014 MDX with 51,000 miles. It spent its first 51,000 miles in the flat lands around Savannah, Ga. Now that it is in the more hilly Atlanta Georgia area, it is exhibiting an issue.

At very little to light pedal pressure and between 1200 and 2,000 rpm, when it starts to pull a hill, the engine will start to fluctuate about 300 rpm. If I apply more pedal pressure it clears up. It seems to change with gasoline quality, but not go away, and may be getting slightly worse as we drive it.

It seems like it may be confused whether it thinks it needs to be in 3 cylinder or 6 cylinder mode, or maybe the plugs or coil(s) are beginning to fail. Plug failure at 50K seems unlikely. It has not indicated a check engine light. I have not gone to the parts house to check for other codes.

Has anyone had a similar problem and can you point me in the right direction?
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