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I am on the market for 7 seat SUV to replace my Kia Sportage. I need more space and ability to transport more people occasionnaly. I was looking for a pre owned 2017 Hyundai Santa fe XL or Kia Sorento full loaded. But looking for older luxury cars, I found I can get a 13 or 14 MDX with some milage for the same price.

I like the Santa Fe and Sorento, they are solid cars with lots of equipment and interior is comfy. But MDX seems to be better to drive, and is a more luxury vehicule. Plus I am concerned with the future value of a Hyundai vs an Acura.

that being said, I tested a 13 MDX with entertainment package (Canadian) yesterday. It is a fine car. Very comfy, nice to drive, well equiped. I did not get a wahoo effect but feel like a good choice for my needs. Downside is interior seems to me a little old and lake a modern touch (I don't like wood insert that much and button feels like 90's). Looking for 14 seems to be more modern look inside.

So, Apaprt from styling, that is a personal thing, would you recommend to go with a 13 or a 14? Also for the trims, if I can get a an Elite 13 for the price of a tech 14, would it be better to stay with a 14 or to get the 13? I am concerned with the magnetic shcok replacement price.

I am more for the 14, as it has better fuel efficiency, it is a the last generation (keep up on value), it has a better look for me, it has some additionnal features (like keyless). I like the safety feature, like blind spot monitoring, adaptative cruise control. I like to have a nice sound system.

As for the milage, i drive around 16000km/10 000 miles per year. Going with a vehicule between 37 000 miles and 62 000 miles max, price difference is what can get me to the upper trim. Should I get the lower milage with low milage or higher milage to get higher trim or saving some $? I beelieve reliability is excellent and considering my low milage?

Here is what I can get:

a 13 elite with 62 000 miles for 29 000 $ CAN (21 300USD) from a known used car dealer
a 13 with tech package and 62 000 miles for 27 000 cad (19 800 usd) from an Acura dealer
a13 elite with 51 000 miles for 31 000 cad (22 800 USD) from an Acura dealer
a 14 base with 42 800 miles for 32 000 cad (23 500 USD) from an acura dealer
a 14 navigation with 58400 miles for 32 000 cad (23 500USD) from an acura dealer
a 14 elite with 46 600 miles for 36 500 CAD (26 800 USD) from an acura dealer

So, whhat are the pro and cons as of you experienced MDX drivers?
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