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Good Afternoon,

My wife drives a '13 MDX with about 68k mi on it. Fully dealer maintained with extended warranty to 120k mi. The other day, after leaving work, she stopped off at a Wawa to get coffee and when she got back in the car/started the car and put it in reverse, the transmission didn't engage reverse. She said she then put it into park and then put into reverse again and it didn't engage. She tried putting into drive, and it didn't engage. She then put it in park, turned off the car. After the restart, everything worked fine. It was rainy and about 50F outside. The car doesn't exhibit any kind of transmission noises that we are aware of, with me driving it for about 250 mi during new years day without any hiccups.

I'm not too familiar with transmission problems, but I am comfortable with car maintenance and turning wrenches. Is there anything I can check without needing a mechanics help? I've read online that it could be pressure switches or low trans fluid (trans fluid was changed at about 40k mi, per the MM).

Thank you for any insights.
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