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2012 MDX Torque Converter Issue?

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I have a well cared for, 2012 MDX Advance with just under 50,000 miles on it. My wife recently noticed the RPM's jumping at random. It started and seemed to occur around 38-40 mph and the tach would just from say 1,500 to 2,000 rpm's. Yesterday in her 60 mile commute she said it happened 3 times, once with CC on at 60 mph? We brought into our dealer, said they have never heard of such an issue. We had a tech ride with us, but they only had time to ride in traffic for a few miles and thus could not replicate.

Today I call Acura headquarters. Note, this is my 9th Honda/Acura over the past 30 years. I was so disappointed with the customer service I received today. The person I spoke with would not provide any information on if they have seen this before. Said unless a tech witnesses this happening there is no way a diagnosis can be made? Really? I am saddened as this is not the Honda of yesterday.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Am I at the being stages of a bad transmission?

Any advice?

Thank you
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My MDX 2010 transmission died at 48K. I try to replicate the issue by driving my car hard, with heavy load with passenger, and up and down the hill/ mountain. Good luck. Recently, I bought Lexus GS instead of Acura TLX. I will buy Lexus RX instead of Acura MDX for my wife 's next SUV.
Torque Converter issues are easy to diagnose, If the dealership is trying to be funny check in another dealership.. TC Issues were common in the 1st gen and early 2nd gen and Nope is not a sign you need a new Trans but a New TC which should be covered by warranty at no cost to you.
Hmm wondering if this is tsb b16-044... Affects MY12-15

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I'm thinking the same thing about moving to Lexus. I did learn a bit more last night. A friend of mine who is a mechanic, pulled the Technical Bullitens on the 2012 MDX. My dealer had told me there we None/Zero on this transmission. We found I think 8 with the transmission. Many of them are for clutch slippage, TC, and bad solenoid values which the transmission has many, like 8-9 that control and monitor pressure. When I left his shop the MDX finally did for me what my wife has described. It happened at ~45 mph while accelerating and felt like a missed shift. Possible 4-5, so the tech revs up, and then it finally shifted. Its all very quick, but definitely something is not right.
Well your Acura at least have TSB´s... When Lexus got all those families dead because of the faulty DB Pedals they played dumb at first so all brands have their bad apples or missteps in your case is just a Torque Converter and that wont get you killed like Lexus "whoopsie".
I wanted to provide a follow up: Took the MDX back to the dealer. I drove and had their lead tech drive the car. Weather was not ideal (rain & lots of noise) and we were not able to reproduce the issues my wife has seen. The tech suggested maybe we do a BG Flush & Fill (total volume). I agreed it was worth a try as another dealer had done the "Transmission Service" at 30,000 miles which only changes 4 quarts. We'll see what my wife finds in her commutes next week, but in a 25 mile drive home from the dealer, the transmission felt silky smooth.
It sure seems like the transmission shifts a little more goofy than normal after 20k or so miles between transmission fluid drains. I had noticed some weirdness (not as extreme as you mentioned) shortly before each change at 30k, 60k and 90k services Afterwards it felt less jittery and no odd TC fluctuations. Seems hard to believe these are that susceptible to "dirty" fluid in only 20k-30k miles, but I don't know what else to call it. I did a drain/fill every 60k miles on my last Nissan and the fluid looked/smelled like new every time. It also never shifted goofy even once in 150k miles. Not sure why transmissions are such a brain tease for Honda but that's been my #1 complaint on this vehicle from the start.
Hi Eric I had the same issue after 3 tries Acura flashed the transmission with an updated software and flushed the fluid. All covered under the 70.000 powertrain warranty. It finally is gone and the transmission feels more responsive now and feels like the update lowered the rpms a little and took out the hesitation in the transmission. I also found 2 youtube videos showing this issue with the tach jumping at 15000 to 2000 rpm (look under mdx transmission issues ). This is a real issue and Acura is aware of the issue or they would not have new software updates for 2012 vehicles.
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