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Hello all,

My inlaws have a 2012 MDX with 110K KM, or about 68k miles on it.

Last week, randomly while driving the wipers stopped working, mid-stroke (ie: stopped halfway up the windshield!). The washer fluid pump won't activate either. I looked at it and all the fuses were good and that the washer fluid had not frozen. So, they took it into Acura a day later, but it was working for the techs there?!?!

On their way home from the dealer, the wipers and the washer fluid pump stopped working again - and this time, the Climate Control partially stopped working as well! That is, the blower motor will come on and you can adjust the speed with the fan up and down buttons - but it won't adjust where the air comes from. You can't get the car to direct any air through the dash vents or the defroster - it feels like the air is just coming out the rear seat vents?!? No matter what mode I change it to, auto, manual, vents, etc, it won't direct air to the front floor, dash vents or windshield vents. You ehar the fan running and speeding up and down, but no airflow up front no matter what option I chose.

I am concerned that with the wipers, washer fluid and the climate control flapper control being on the fritz at once, and all the fuses seemingly okay, that this is the ECU/computer giving up the ghost... Has anyone got any suggestions for me before I have them return to the dealer and pay the huge cost I envision that diagnosing an intermittent electrical issue will bring!

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