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My 2012 MDX has suddenly lost some functions on my passenger door. All happened following my battery dying. I jumped it once. Then a day or so later I replaced the battery. Once the new battery was in I noticed...

Passenger door:
-window no power (I cannot control from driver door either)
-unlock doesn’t work (unlock/lock works from driver control)
-mirror cannot be powered by either sides control
-no lights are illuminated anymore (lock, window etc)

Other symptoms:
-hatch will not open whatsoever with any of the buttons.
-my oil life gauge is gone. (Oil life %)
-my outside temperature missing.

I checked fuses for power windows. There were quite a few. I also purchased the driver door sub harness. I have the harness here but my question is should I be looking at relays or something else? I have a feeling that the battery jump or replacement has blown a relay or something. Although all of my research on here is pointing to sub harness. I just find it too coincidental that I had the battery issue and the harness would decide to break at that time!

Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Is there a common relay or fuse that would affect those specific options?

I will answer any questions and/or try any suggestions!

Thank you!
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