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I am the second owner of a clean, well maintained 2011 Acura MDX with Advance package with approximately 76k miles, i think it is out of warranty from what I can tell. Recently got the following error codes

Displayed on Dashboard "info" center - these errors are persistent - constantly displayed.
1) Check VSA
2) Check Trailer Stability Assist
3) Check Active Damper Systems

Displayed On the Navigation Display, Info/Message section
1) P134
2) P079

Note: At one point early 2017, we had an error message re: the Battery to be replaced. Local mechanic cleared up terminals and reset the error codes. Haven't seen that message since. The VSA, TSA, ADS came on about 4k miles after the battery issue was resolved.

Some things I've tested:
1/ The Switch on the left side of dash has no effect on toggling on/off
2/ I cleared the error codes from Navigation screen using the "three finger" process outlined somewhere on the MDXer forum - Worked fine.
3/ my local mechanic confirmed that rear shocks are leaking - point being that is something i will have done (R&R rear shocks)

I've seen a lot of threads on VSA, some on ADS, less so on TSA

What is recommended diagnostic progression for these issues? Any technical bulletins out there? I've seen the 11-014 on ABS sensors

Question 1/ Is VSA and TSA independent functions of each other? Or is it logical to see TSA if you get the VSA error?

Question 2/ Should i replace the rear wheel sensors while having the rear shocks replaced?

Question 3/ I've seen references to "halifax sensors" - what are those?

Question 4/ What is a good OBD2 reader for the Acura? I came across an Acura / Honda specific model from Foxwell (NT510 Pro). Any good? can that diagnosis ABS issues at each wheel?

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