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Hey gang,

I've been using various iPod and iPhone devices with the built in USB port in the center console for years now with only the occasional "NO DATA" or "USB ERROR" that was usually fixed by either unplugging and replugging, rebooting, or turning the car off and then back on. However, as of last week, it appears to have likely been shorted causing a component failure on the receiver side. Being a EE, I was able to probe all 4 of the pins on the port, itself, and it appears that I am getting the +5 V and ground, as required, but the D+ and D- data lines are woefully low in the 30-60 mV range. I'm fairly certain that means something got fried while inserting or disconnecting the lightning cable connector on the phone side (which I then located a decent amount of pocket lint within, afterwards, and subsequently cleaned out using tiny tweezers and a microscope at work). The cable to USB connector side of the cable pretty much remain near-constantly connected to the center console port. Anyway, given that I don't have the repair manual or circuit diagrams for my MDX, I'm not sure if the USB module which connects to the receiver is a separate item which I could replace, or if something as simple as a fried USB transmitter requires the entire receiver to be replaced. I'd appreciate any thoughts or diagrams/pics/whatever that might help save me a couple hundred bucks just to restore USB in my Nav-equipped 2011.

Thanks and regards,
Jeff in Houston
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