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I purchased this suspension for my 2010 Acura MDX elite edition when the original ADS suspension failed. I had it on for 3 months and less than 5000 km and it rode very nice but then Acura mailed me a letter and warrantied the original suspension for free so I no longer need this set. Selling for $250 less than what I paid. First come first served.

KYB part no. KY349025 - both rears
Acura original damper part no. 51601-STX-A06 - both fronts

All purchased in February 2016. You can see the date stamp on one of the Acura dampers

Here is the link to my Kijiji ad. I'm not on this forum very often so please call/text me at four-one-six-201-1553.

ACURA MDX FULL SUSPENSION NEARLY NEW | other parts, accessories | City of Toronto | Kijiji



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