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2009 MDX / Gravel/Stone Body Damage

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I recently bought a 2009 MDX. I noticed the vehicle has numerous tiny chip marks along the lower portions of the doors. These appear to have been made by gravel or small stones deflecting upward and striking the bottom half of the doors. It appears to be a strange problem. The vehicle has mudflaps but I still can hear gravel striking the car along the sides. I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced this same problem with a 2009 MDX or any other year. Also wondering if anyone knows of a solution that might eliminate this problem.

Thanks DosXX
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Install running boards or side steps might offer additional protection.
If you do repair the paint, a clear plastic film can be applied over the paint to prevent the damage from reoccurring. 3m xpel is the stuff I have used in the past.
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