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Hello there, I've just bought a MDX 2008 3 week ago, and since this afternoon, I have some problem with probably the transmission, but I'm not sure.

My problem begins sunday when, there was a lot of rain and the VUS give me 3 error code:

Check VSA, Check ABS and Check sh-awd.

This 3 code get away this morning by them self.. but now the transmission is kinda grinding when I came to the reverse position. I wait for the car to be in stop position, then I put it softly in reverse (R) postion... same thing. I little bit of vibration and a noise like two plates grinding together.. thennn the vus will backup gently.. I get the same problem once or twice when I try to go forward... but never as bad as when I go to reverse.

Something strange I notice, is that when I push de VSA off button, I have no problem to backup.. It's strange isnt it?

Do you ever notice a problem like this? Or a way to get over this?

Thanks, and sorry if a made some mistake, english is my second language..
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