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I've done some searching and haven't found anyone else who has had this specific problem so please excuse me if this is a repeat.

The tilt switch on the passenger seat won't tilt the seat up/forward. Tilting down/back works, just forward is not working. The seat also move back and forth/up down just fine.

I'm assuming that there is an issue with either the switch assembly or the wiring to/from the assembly. So my question is, how do I remove the plastic bottom seat trim to get to the assembly and inspect the wiring? It looks like the trim on the front of the seat is actually screwed into the seat frame from below, in other words, that one must remove the seat before removing the trim from the seat?

So if anyone can provide some guidance on the problem itself and/or how to get that trim off so I can replace/repair whatever the issue is, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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