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Hey Everyone,

I have a 2008 Acura MDX. Recently we have had an issue with a horrible knocking sound coming from the engine. The sound is the worst when started, gets to be ok at low rpm but still there, and then fine at high rpm. I have done the timing belt and water pump 30,000 km's ago. I have replaced the a/c compressor, the transmission x 4, and kept up with all maintenance. The engine light is on, as it has been for a while due to aftermarket sensor.

The engine light does NOT flash. The vehicle did sit for 3 months after buying another vehicle. I did the oil changes still though.

None of the electronics work in the vehicle, I believe the handsfree link is also out. All the options only work when on ACC, before starting; windows, doors, trunk release, ac power outlet, bluetooth, etc.

Any info is greatly appreciated.
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