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Its really up to you if you wanna replace the HFL. Do you use it? When the HFL quit on mine I just unplugged it so it wouldn't drain the battery. If you do really want bluetooth then yes, I would recommend an aftermarket kit so you can not only receive calls but also stream music.

Your gas mileage is certainly not normal. Basic question but has all the maintenance been done? Air filter, spark plugs, fluids, etc.. When I bought mine it had good service records but I still did preventative maintenance and it really changed the car. I continue to use premium gas on my 07 that has 142k miles and I routinely average at least 17-18mpg. The only time I've ever seen 10mpg was when I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Oh and have you checked your tire pressures? I set mine to around 36 psi and it seems to help fuel economy.

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