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Just a FYI here and some pics. I had some clunks over bumps and pulled the wheels off and found that the stabilizer boots were completely shot along with the outer tie rods. I replaced them all today. It was a complete pain the ass, it took a torch to heat up the nuts on the rack/pinon end and an Autozone puller to get the ball joint side loose.

As far as the stabilizer links, I re-used the nuts but a pro-tip would be to just cut them off. If you want to re-use get a vicegrips and plan to work on it for a while as I did. I also replaced the subframe-sway bar bushings while stuff was off, they were worn but not that bad. Remember to lube them with lithium based grease to prevent squeaks.

OEM parts are very cheap for these parts, I paid $33/each for the tie rod ends and $19 each for the stabilizer links up front from Bernardi online, though they did come with nuts which I'd suggest ordering as well.

I'd suggest going OEM on these parts from an online acura dealer as they are cheaper than autozone. Rock-auto was a little cheaper but not much.

Here are what the oem front stabilizer links looked like at 170k:

And the ball joints bent all the way outward at 170k, also OEM:

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