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I don't know if the rims will fit or not; but, I think the bolt pattern might be the issue and the offset would be next? I have a set of 4 RDX rims I took off my 08 RDX tech when I upgraded to aftermarket RonJon rims. Hit me up if you want them.

I would check out tire/rim websites like Tire Rack or Discount Tires. You can compare a direct replacement rims for the 07-12 RDX and 07-13 MDX to see how the OEM rim sizes compare (bolt pattern, offset, rim width, tpms, bore size, etc...).

I did RonJon Legacy 7 Liquid Graphite rims:
  • 18"X8"
  • bolt pattern 5X114.3
  • Center bore 64.1
  • Offset: 40-45mm range (not 100% sure on this number)
  • lug size M12X1.5

I upgraded my OEM 19" rims on my 11 MDX Adv to RonJon Legacy Type II:
  • 20"X8.5"
  • bolt pattern 5X120
  • Center bore 64.1
  • offset: +40mm
  • lug size M14X1.5
I am interested in rims have a 08
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