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Hi there,

The rear hatch of my 2006 MDX was pretty badly rusted, so I recently replaced it with a nice looking 2003 hatch that I found at an auto pick-a-part. It looks great, and I got everything including wiring reconnected (wiring came across with the replacement 2003 hatch), works great except for one or two items.

First, my license plate lights are now on at exactly the wrong times - when the car and/or headlights are off, the license plate lights are off. When the headlights are on, the license plate lights turn off. Very strange - but I'm mostly concerned about draining my battery with them on while the car isn't in use. Perhaps it's a grounding issue, or something that is wired differently between a 2003 and 2006? Wiring socket fit together just fine, appears to be correct - but the behavior of the lights is weird.

Second, my rear window wiper timing is off - it doesn't do a full swipe and then stop. Instead, the blade stops / comes to rest in the middle of the window. Is this an alignment issue that can be fixed?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
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