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2006 radio clock can’t be set

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I’ve noticed a few other MDXers on facebook having the same issue I have. My clock is off by exactly an hour and I cannot adjust the time to be right.
If I turn off daylight savings, it stays and when I try to manually adjust it +/- it instantly goes back to 12:00 on the nav screen and pressing RESET does nothing.
Anyone else having this issue or know how to get it adjusted?
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Interesting. I hadn't spent the time to research it yet but I expected as much, that at least MDXes of this generation and possibly other cars with the same nav system subcontractor would be affected.

The software that runs the system is on the nav DVD. Fixing this will likely require a new DVD. But it probably can't be fully explained without having a deep understanding of the nav system code and lookup tables.

Some aspects of the system are loaded on an OS DVD before the nav DVD is loaded. For my 2006 I did not have to preload an OS DVD before my 2020 nav DVD update.

It will be interesting if Honda actually comes through and provides a fix DVD at a small cost, versus either orphaning the system or charging the typical $100-150 DVD cost.

As of 2021 they had intended to orphan all nav system updates through the 2006 MDX. Some prior model years they orphaned years ago.

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Even Microsoft had a Y2K22 bug come up in their Outlook Cloud infrastructure, and they are a technology company with massive resources, so this isn't unique to Honda.

What I find most inexcusable is that we had just gone through Y2K, and knew what a problematic issue it was. A reasonable lifespan for vehicles easily exceeds 20 years, and storage of data is plentiful now (which historically expensive limited data storage was the cause of the Y2K bug). There was no reason not to write the code to in a way that would prevent any problem in 100-999 years.

It was just laziness and the "I won't be here when it becomes a problem" syndrome. But after it was done, it doesn't surprise me at all that Honda had no idea, and it was completely forgotten about 20 years ago. Very few companies document and prepare for expected problems that will resurface in 20 years.
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Here is another article that identifes the likely problem. Someone went into the GPS diagnostic menu and found the date said May 2002. That is 1024 weeks in the past. This is also exactly 10 bits of numbers. It's also the way the GPS standard counts weeks starting from January 6, 1980.

The last rollover for GPS was in April 2019. The next is in 2038. So if it's the root problem, it still isn't clear why the Honda interface is displaying Jan 2002. It is probably some kind of numeric overflow problem.

Also for whatever reason even though Honda chose the same week scheme and limit as GPS, they didn't start their epoch on the same date as GPS did. So much stupid here.

They claim that this problem will self resolve in August 2022. If that happens I think it will also indicate that it was an overflow of the week counter, and in August the code will read the week counter as having rolled over fully zeroed out again.

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Not on mine. I have the 2020 maps update that corrected the daylight savings time schedule so my clock is always correct. But I tried to use the clock offset feature at exactly 12 noon actual local time, and no matter how many hours or minutes I did the offset, it didn't save, went right back to noon.

Now I didn't try for example doing the offset from 11 am actual local time, and adding an hour so the corrected time would be noon, for example if you had the wrong DST schedule for springing forward. I guess I could try that tomorrow.

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I have the 2020 disk and there is no place to change the date in the user menus. I haven't tried to look in the diagnostic menus meant for Techs only. But I doubt there is. Aside from which side of a time zone you are on for one hour at midnight, there is no ambiguity about the actual date, and date/time is central to making GPS navigation work.

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Most Honda components you can remove and replace the backlights on little neowedge post bulbs. I haven't checked the stereo to see if that's possible.

But I have this stereo. And you can't set the clock on it independent of the GPS. It sets itself based on the GPS and so you have the same problem you currently have.

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Looks like the audio unit is possibly the exception, the FSM doesn't say there are bulbs to replace. Here are the troubleshooting steps though

Font Parallel Number Document
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There is no over the air update for these cars. From everything I've read from Honda in August the clock will fix itself, no update at the dealer is needed.

The 1024 week epoch counter in the GPS implementation resets as is. If you keep your car another 19 years to 2041 this will happen again.

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