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Hello to all
We have owned this car for the last 4 yrs and aside for replacing transmission has been a great vehicle.
Until this Christmas when my wife went to open the car and nothing worked even with the other keyfob, when she manually entered the car the alarm went off even with the car running.
I’m disconnected the battery since it was 10 pm, next day I connected the battery alarm sounded but I locked and unlocked the door and it stopped .
I had my wife take it for a short drive and we found out that the park light, reverse light and D5 is on dash and actually reverse lights are on when car is in park.
Wondering if anyone has experienced anything like that. I already swapped out a door actuator,, fuse box by the drivers foot and park neutral switch.
Pls and thank u
Really do not want take it to the dealer as the car isn’t worth much ,
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