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Hi I have a 2006 Acura MDX in terrific condition with the exception of the A/C air mix blend door. My A/C and heat work fine in the rear vents and I think the temp is stuck somewhere around 73 degrees in the front vents with no heat in the front vents because the blend door not working or clicking or making any noise which tells me the motor is blown. Power to the motor is good however after testing.

My question is how do I re-install this blend door so when I use the temp control I am actually getting the correct temperature? I am working from the passenger side under the dash and I also took out the control arm leaving the white piece connected that controls the vent doors. I noticed I can pull the white plastic arm towards me and back towards the driver side. Which position would be the correct position for HI or Low so I can set the thermostat accordingly before install?

Essentially how do I SYNC the temp control up with the control arm of the motor?

Thank you

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