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To anyone who has been checking the codes.
I was getting the P030X series which is related to the Coil and Spark Plugs.
I was using the little $20 reader from amazon. (Now it's $15)

Of course when I googled this I got

1) Change Coil Pack
2) Change Coils
3) Change Spark Plugs.

When I took it to my guy he said, oh that's Valve Adjustment. 3.2 hours of labor plus parts. Common in the Honda engines.

Since the last time I didn't believe him and spent $250 EXTRA in unneeded repairs. I said , ok (I know I should've DIY but I don't have the time or the strength to undo my engine and get home association violations for car repairs in my driveway).

He adjusted the valves (said all 6 were too tight) and no more codes! Drove the car about 150 miles and checked and still no codes!
So the solution when the car is throwing strange random Coil codes, it just might be your valves.
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