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G’day all,

Wondering if anyone can offer any advice re our 2005 Honda MDX and transmission issues.

It has done 200,000 KM

Symptoms -

  • the “A/T TEMP” light came on during a normal suburban drive
  • the speedometer stopped working
  • the car was in “D” on the shifter and the car would not automatically change out of 1st gear
  • We were able to put the car into “D1” on the shifter and drive it in first gear
  • We can shift up to “D2” on the shifter and the car changes up into second gear
  • When we shift up to “D3” on the shifter the car goes into neutral and just coasts in neutral
  • There is a slight whirring coming from the transmission
  • The “!” And “VSA” lights are now showing on the dash but weren’t showing when it first happened

Initial diagnosis:

- Mechanic diagnosed error code P0722 as per computer reading - Speed sensor failure

- After driving it briefly, the local Transmission specialist said it’s a mechanical problem, not a sensor problem because the car will not go into 3rd or 4th gear

Other considerations;

My wife and I have done about 50 hours of online and telephone research on the MDX and transmissions and have found others in similar situations kind of similar so far as the issue was the output speed sensor which needed replacing.

Other research has of course informed us of the inherent and widespread MDX transmission issues and the damage to the transmission when the diff takes out the speed sensor , requiring a total rebuild.

you try to simply replace the output speed sensor you are just wasting your money because the new speed sensor will get destroyed immediately as well.

I’ve spoken to about 20 different mechanics and transmission specialists over the phone and I am getting different opinions from everyone as to how to proceed as the best process to try and figure out what is going on how to fix the problem.

The MDX was not a particularly popular car sales wise in Australia so I don’t think there is a lot of experience or expertise for what sounds like a pretty tricky transmission in the MDX.

I was hoping someone out in MDX land with experience with this situation or with a lot of experience with MDX’s in general might be able to help me out with some guidance as to how they worked out their car that might have had the same issues as ours?

Or, whether anyone else has tried to replace an output speed sensor and had the new sheared off immediately?

Your experience and knowledge would be appreciated because we are in a position where we have to get this car going again, we have to do it as cheaply (but efficiently) as possible and, we have to get it going soon.

Many thanks, Stew
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