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Hi All,
We have a 2005 MDX touring, with just over 255,000 miles. Great car, love it.
Drove it yesterday morning everything just fine, went to drive it yesterday evening and I could not move the shifter out of park. Never had this happen before. Dash showed the yellow triangle with a "!" and the VSA light was on. Googled for info and couldn't find anything on point for an 05. Checked brake lights, not functioning, nor was the horn. Tried to identify the relevant fuse and found out it's not straight forward. Checked the owners manual, couldn't identify the brake light or the shift lock fuse (pages 278, 279). Following a response I found I replaced the brake light switch (not to difficult just a bit cramped), made no difference.
Finally figured out this morning, from a diagram I found, that the brake light / shift lock fuse in my MDX is fuse #7 (20A) in the Primary Under-Hood fuse box. Cunningly labelled "Stop". Replaced fuse, all working good so far. No idea why the fuse blew, will keep an eye on it.

Anyways, I wanted to post this info so that anyone else experiencing a similar issue can quickly identify the correct fuse, rather than waste their time like I did.

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