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Late start, but hello everybody! It's been 2 years now since I paid a whopping $500 for this MDX (Passenger door had a 4" deep crater where it had been hit deploying the curtain airbags only). Because of the deal, I elected to make this my new daily driver I went through replacing all of the bad parts associated with the previous owners wreck (airbags, door damage, passenger seat/seat belt). Since then, I have added a good bit to the X and I chose to do so in a manner that most here disagree with. I hunt every weekend that I am available and that means mild to medium off roading regularly. The upgrades are as follows:

Cold air intake (ebay short ram that i added to using spare goodies around my shop to extend and drop down past the OE silencer box)
30mm front coil spacers
30mm rear coil spacers (currently uninstalled)
20mm hub-centric wheel spacers on all 4 corners
4ft long luggage rack on top
2 LED cubes mounted to roof rack with 6 cobb leds in each (more spot than flood)
BFG Rugged Terrain T/A 245/65/17 (second set is sitting in the garage ready to mount)
3500LB winch (hitch mounted for easy removal and storage, though permanently wired with weather-pack connectors)
200w Electric siren/horn/pa system
Ralco RZ Aluminum crank pulley
ProTune adjustable front swaybar endlinks
Protune adjustable camber kit for front and rear
I'm sure I am forgetting something(s) but aside from replacing factory parts, this is most of what I have upgraded. I'll attach pics in a secondary post from my phone.
I'll have to work on getting more recent and better quality shots of the X.
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