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Hey guys! I’ve been all over the forums for days now and haven’t found any information regarding the “System History” tab found on the Developer screen. To access the screen, you hold the menu, map, and cancel buttons for 3 seconds. One you are on the secret diagnostics screen, you then hold the menu button again to enter “for Developer”. Once there, if you select “system history”, a series of error codes are displayed. Some say fatal, while others are simply warning1 or warning 2. There are formatted dates and times associated with what I assume to be diagnostic codes...
Given that mine has an older, but still concerning Fatal message, I would love to find a way to convert the codes into understandable information. I have access to a high dollar scan tool with TONS of functions, but I’ve not attempted to mess with that yet.
Has anyone here gotten information about this yet?


2005 mdx base with Bose, nav, and entertainment package


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