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I bought this vehicle a few months ago. I replaced the battery today with a new Diehard B-8 (listed in the Diehard book at the store). 650 cold cranking amps. Suddenly I have all sorts of warning lights going on. I reset those. Again, the VTM-4 indicator light turns on while driving. And the radio suddenly loses power for a few seconds and then comes back on. I even noticed all the gauges dropping to zero (fuel level, for example) for a half-second and then returning to normal. I turned on the headlamps' low beam and the radio died for several seconds before returning. I didn't have these problems with the old battery. I pulled over and reset the indicator lights again. Is there something odd about the first generation MDX electrical with a new battery? I drove the car for maybe a mile after the install and then decided if there is going to be a problem I may as well be home. I feel like the car entered the Twilight Zone. BTW - all the poles and connecters are clean. I sprayed them with WD40 just before tightening down on the screws.

It's just a battery - what the hell happened?
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