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Hello Mdxers, glad I found this forum.

I bought a used 2004 mdx almost 2 years ago with 76k miles. I thought I got a great deal on a luxury car..hmmm! The first issue it had was the car would turn off many times when my wife attempted to back out of the driveway every morning. Once the car got going and warmed up, it rode fine. But if it cooled down, it would stall. So I took it to a general mechanic and we replaced the plugs and boots at the end of the plugs and cleaned the throttle body. He then was getting error codes and had me purchase 2 coil packs it did not fix the codes, it actually moved to different cylinders. Then the mechanic said it needed a valve job. i was in a hurry and heading out of town, so he only did half a valve job. while i was traveling the problem got worse as I could not back out in the mornings until car warmed up for about 5 minutes. And I had to maintain some gas at all times with brakes applied as the car would turn off.

I have been driving the car like this for about a year. i finally took it to a mechanic and he recommended engine replacement. I have read threads of similar issues and seen where the idle control valve was replaced and it fixes the issue. I did not find an ICV for a 2004 and read somewhere that it was part of the throttle body. The 2004 throttle body is only sold at dealerships as auto parts stores in Dallas dont stock it. I took it to a mechanic yesterday and he said to replace the engine as it had a reading of 70 for compression.

i keep praying that i just need a few parts. the car runs awesome when on the highway, but get to a light or driving at a slower speed and it may turn off on you (especially if you have the AC on) unless you keep some gas on it at all times and brake.

any info from fellow mdxers would be a blessing!
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