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Done a good amount of searching and haven't really found anything i'm looking for. Hopefully I can find some help here.

Today my wife was going on a trip in the MDX, about 4hrs into the trip she calls me and says the A/T temp. light is on and the car is jerking. As she is pulling over the car starts to smoke and smell like burnt fluid. she gets a tow to a near by shop the mechanic tells me the transmission looks good, he cannot find anything wrong, other than it had too much fluid in it. Now, no one has serviced the transmission in 2-3 years, ive always checked the fluid hot AND cold it was always in the correct level. The mechanic did test drive the car it shifted perfectly and acted normal. I decide to leave the car there and ill go pick it up and trailer it home tomorrow.

Now, to give you guys some back story....

Monday my Apartment complex decided to tow EVERYBODY'S vehicle so that they could re-pave the parking lot. however, they did not notify me in anyway. My wife, nor I was at home to see how they were towing the vehicles. my first thought is when they towed the car they probably did it incorrectly and ruined something in the transmission....

With that being said, Thoughts anyone? haha

Car: 2004 Acura MDX Touring 160k miles
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