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We're selling our MDX for anyone who may be interested in the Tampa area.....?
It's posted on Marketplace,

I'll post part of the listing here but for picks and more info, go to the link or email me.
The struggle is real if you've ever posted anything for sale online. There are some stoopid people you have to deal with, hence the sarcasm in the listing.

"READ EVERYTHING BEFORE CONTACTING ME. PRESS THE "MORE" BUTTON! I will delete any questions which are answered in this listing!!!

The listing is in ENGLISH, so reply in ENGLISH!

NO CALLS! I have ZERO interest in giving away my #.


NO HAGGLING! That means I will not accept a penny less...


This is the top of the line model with literally every option, power everything, and 3rd row seating for 7 total!!! Sun roof, Traction Control, Stability Control, all-wheel-drive system powers the front wheels on smooth, dry roads. On slippery surfaces, it automatically transfers power to the rear wheels as needed to maintain traction. The driver can lock the VTM-4 system with a dashboard button so it will deliver maximum traction. I never hydroplane or feel the suv pull to the side when driving through puddles! I do in other cars though.

2004 Acura MDX Touring model with NAV. and RES. Starlight Silver Metallic color, Ebony leather interior.
NAV = GPS , RES = Rear Entertainment System with remote control and wireless headset. The car is set up so the front GPS screen to play what the rear tv screen is playing with the flip of a switch! Hook up your Ipod, MP3, or gaming systems to play through the screens and speakers.

The rear speakers can be played through headphones and the front driver and passenger can listen to the radio at the same time. Or turn off the rear speakers and leave the front speakers on when the baby/kids are sleeping!

Included dealer installed options include, rear hatch spoiler, wide body side molding with fender flare molding, matching running boards, All Weather floor mats for front, second row and cargo area, 6 disc CD changer, and Acura wheel locks. It also has a class 3 2" towing hitch and trailer harness installed. We towed our small jon boat but the suv can easily tow large loads if needed. We never towed large loads, thus putting stress on the transmission. Be careful of this is other suvs....

We've owned the suv since 2005 and I've babied it. Mobil 1 full synthetic since day one. All fluids have been methodically replaced as needed. The Michelin tires are about 2 years old and do not have a lot of miles on them. I don't work and drove the suv on errands, church, and on vacation trips. This is a great vacation cruiser! Everyone rides in total comfort!

The interior is in great condition! It's aged very well and doesn't look like it has the mileage it has. I believe in taking care of what you have and it will last a long time. When we first bought the suv, we had baby seats, but used leather seat protectors. There are no signs of baby seats being used because of my forethought! On other vehicles with leather seats, you'll see where the baby seats were installed from the damaged leather. I used both Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner on the seats all the time and it shows. Years ago I had the steering wheel replaced with an identical factory one from Acura since the leather was showing its age. So the steering wheel looks like it's from a newer car!

The engine was rebuilt in 2016 from a prematurely snapped timing belt for $3,500. I had the original engine rebuilt, vs. putting in a different engine because of how I babied and maintained the car, engine. I stopped driving the car early last year because one of the head gaskets needs to be replaced. My mechanic can't figure out why it happened since all gaskets and seals were replaced as well as valves/bolts, etc. during the rebuild.
New oem Honda head gaskets and seals are included! I was planning on doing the work myself but with my back and health, I won't be able to. The suv drives and everything worked when we stopped driving it last fall.
If you can do the work yourself, have a friend or family member who can, or simply have a mechanic who'll do the work, you'll have a great top of the line Acura MDX!

Other than what I've already mentioned, here are a few signs of the suvs age, the drivers seat does have a small split in the bottom seat leather. The seat heaters need a wire spliced together. The tv rear screen won't turn on but the dvd works fine and plays through the front/GPS screen. The rear passenger door needs a lock replaced. A rear sway bar bracket needs to be replaced, I have the part and I will include it in the sale, along with the head gaskets and seals. Last year I did replace a caliper, all brake pads, and the drivers axle. I've kept up with maintenance and repaired/replaced parts as needed, not when they broke apart/down. The hoods clear coat is peeling and could be resprayed if you're picky. The front bumper is peeling. This was my car but my wife drove it once and took her foot off the brake at a red light. Her truck is a manual and she forgot she was in my car. She bumped the car in front of her at about 5mph. It chipped the bumpers paint so we it it painted by Chevy's body shop in Brandon since our insurance was involved for the other car. The bumper looked great when done but began chipping soon afterwards. We had them redo it but it peeled once again. To reiterate, the only damage if you can call it that, was the chipped paint on the bumper, nothing structural. It was only idle speed since the car was stopped and she took her foot off the brakes.

Like I said at the beginning, no haggling. This is not a tv show where we need to haggle. The suv has been loved and cared for. The price is set accordingly. I could ask for much more and haggle down to this if you'd like....? If you can find one cheaper, spend time driving out to it and inspect it. It's nowhere as nice as ours. Most of these models are trashed. This is a solid suv. Had we not had the engine recently rebuilt with very low mileage on it since, we would probably ask much less. It's basically like a new engine!

I'll post good interior pictures very soon. Our son will vacuum the inside tomorrow and I'll take pictures afterwards....
Until then, feel free to contact me and stop by. We're located minutes from Riverview High School.

I am a very honest person and I have no point in lying to you, only to have you show up and waste everyones time. If what you've read thus far doesn't work for you, then unfortunately this isn't the suv for you..."

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Sorry dude, but you're going to own this MDX for a while yet at that price. Regardless of how well it was previously taken care of it is now a 244K car that is inop with major engine work required as well as having some fairly serious paint issues. It's a $500 car at best because it's worth $2,000 running and driving with the cosmetic issues or $3,000 running and driving with the hood and front bumper re-painted.
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