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Hey Guys,

My 04 MDX is having problems. So for about the past few weeks, front ac is blowing warm, and heat is blowing temperature of outside (if its cold outside, it blows cold, and vice versa). I have been through different threads, and have tried replacing heat valve, replaced cabin air filter, and front resistor (blower motor) with no success. So I recently bought truck last month, and all was fine. I had to change battery posts, as they were corroded, and about 2 days after that there was grey smoke coming from between engine and firewall when I cut car off. (I changed power steering line after that, because of real bad leak, so that could have been cause of smoke.) But AC and heat stopped working shortly after. Compressor is fine. I am receiving code 88_88 when checking code. All relays and fuses related to ac/heating are fine. Would anyone have any other suggestions or similar problems?? Does the ac/heat have to be "reset" if battery is disconnected? Like with the computer?

Checked so far:

heat valve
cabin filter
front resistor
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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