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2003 - When to Order?

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Like many of you I have been reading this forum since its inception. The information exchange has been very useful and informative. As a longtimeHonda/Acura owner, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the MDX ever since Acura announced they were going to build this vehicle and my plan was to wait for the 2002. However, with the proposed changes planned for 2003 I now have now shifted gears. Even with the increased competition (Volvo XC90, Lexus RX300 redesign, Honda Pilot) I am not anticipating much, if any, price negotiation - there is just too much demand although I will certainly try. I was thinking about placing an order in the April/May timeframe to get one of the first 2003's. What do you think?
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If you've got good staying power.

I just put a deposit down on an '02. I researched and researched until I knew more than the dealers (like that's hard to accomplish). I finally realised that by the time my X arrives, '02 will be half fact, that's a half of a whole year I have to keep driving a '96 Ford Contour (yuck!, except that it's been an awesome car, esp if one were a grandparent or frequent grocery stores...blah, blah, blah). Truth is, I couldn't wait any longer! Sure the '03's will have more power. The '04's might also. I just didn't want to wait any longer to drive the best. Life is too short. Besides, in a couple of years my wife can have a nice hand-me-down and I'll get a new model (right!) Best of luck if you have the time and energy to wait. I can barely wait out the next 5 months.
the 03 will have 3.8 litter versus the currently 3.5 according to motor trend. but I think that will be the only major change. I think gas mileage will suffer as a result. Unless you are planning to do some major towing, wait until august for the 03 to come out, and buy a 02 model. I think you will get a good deal then.
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