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Just test drove 2003 Range Rover. This is the first year they make it as unit body vs. body on frame.

WOW! It was a great driving experience. Inside and out, this car was fantastic. Silver Metallic color, xenon HID lights and overall design was great. Then inside, they thought about everything. Every feature I could ever imagine and more, including heated steering wheel. Great sitting position, great ergonomics. Great NAV system, great audio system, lots of "toys".

BMW 4.4L engine was so powerful that it was really hard to stay under 90 mph on the freeway :) Great, smooth acceleration and ride. I even took it to a moderate+ offroad - fantastic handling.

On the down side, the engine was extremely noisy and NAV is CD-based.

As much as I liked it, after test-driving it, I must admit, I enjoyed driving MDX much better.

Smooth, car-like drive, nimble handling of MDX contrast with heavier SUV handling, feeling like you are driving a bigger car, extreme luxury of Range Rover.

In 3 years, when the price of Rover drops from $75K for new to $30-$35K for a used one with about 45K miles on it, I think I may get one to go with my MDX. Or... I may get a MDX-S with many similar features that may be available at that time!


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