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I Dunno....

Calling for changes/improvements on such a well rounded vehicle is really a "splitting hairs" proposition, but here's my take after almost two months of ownership:
The power's fine. Install a K&N air filter and run synthetic oil, then leave it alone.
Xenon's would be nice, especially for keeping up with the competition.
Make the NAV standard so chumps like me won't be filled with regret for not getting it.
The audio system (even on the Touring model) really ain't that great. I'm no audiophile but it doesn't even sound as good as the system that came on my Subaru Outback Limited.
A mobile DVD setup would be a nice option.
My climate control needs to be controlled; in the AUTO and FULL AUTO mode it vacillates between too hot or too cold. Give us a simple manual setting.
Some more foo foo color options would be cool. A pale green and another interior color (grey?) would be suitably groovy.
Improve and/or move the ineffective parking brake.
Some kind of stability control system sounds like a good idea but I've read comparisons between the 'X and vehicles that have it and the Acura seems to hold it's own. Go figure.
Increased supply, shorter waiting times and room to DEAL...
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