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I have an 03 mdx
The trans started slipping. When I pull over n let it cool down it works fine in all gears for a short while then starts skipping again. I don’t think is the gears. I changed all the solenoids all of them: n still problem. Drained fluid 3 times Honda fluid. Put Lucas in n it moved a little better haven’t driven yet since. Only in the driveway drained fluid again with screen no debris coooe looked a little different I think cuz of Lucas. Going to put new fluid in today n see what happens. One thing is last time I checked the fluid on the dipstick there was a small paperlike piece that came out in the dipstick in the fluid. Someone told me that when the torque converter goes bad it flakes off n clogs up the tranny is this true?
Question: is the small round internal filter replaceable by me?? Not the bigger internal filter. The small round one. The dealer said u can’t change it without talking the trans out n case apart is this true?
The engine codes I got were sol a atuck on and press cntrl sol a stuck on. I changed them all n still same prob.

280k mikes
I changed the trans fluid every 10k miles.oil every 5k
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