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I know on our exoticwooddash kit (on an '01), the color match is excellent, as is the pattern. One thing I have noticed is that the exotic kit seems to have a "clearcoat" over the screenprinted wood pattern, whereas the OEM Acura parts (like the trim piece around the Nav and Radio) lack the clearcoat and look more like colored plastic to me. FWIW I believe most of the non-OEM kits are similar.

I can tell the difference between the parts in direct sunlight, but it is very, very subtle. Part of what keeps one from comparing too closely is the fact that I, too, skipped those radio and nav pieces, so the closest piece to compare is the instrument cluster -- which is far enough away that it makes it tough to do -- even when you're looking for it. No one has mentioned anything in the year we've had the car.

I wonder whether yours is farther-off from mine. Can you take a pic to demonstrate (I realize it might be tough to get a good digital pic if there's not a huge difference)?
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