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2002 Misfire All Cylinders | Have read other posts | Advice?

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PO301 through PO306 codes. Triggering CEL + VTM-4 lights. Car has 175k miles.

Work performed after reading through this great forum:

-Valve adjustment performed by local mechanic in Portland, OR
-Coils replaced with ones from a 50k mile motor by local mechanic
-New plugs
-EGR port cleaned
-New EGR valve
-New air filter
-Fresh oil change
-Lucas injector cleaner added to full tank of gas
-Premium gas always used


-CEL + VTM-4 lights still coming back on after clearing codes


-Should I take to Acura dealer have them perform valve adjustment again? What else am I missing here or should I try? This seems to be a common problem…
-Is there a way to ‘disconnect’ the connection between the CEL and VTM-4? In other words, it’s a big bummer to needlessly lose AWD in winter months when the car seemingly runs fine and the CEL goes on. Thoughts?

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I encountered a similar situation with my 2005 MDX (229K Miles). Codes P0404 and P0301- P0306 all six cylinders misfires. Idle was rough, CEL came on after starting. In a few minutes, the VTM-4 light came on as well. The problem was the EGR valve was stuck in the open position. Replaced the valve and the I'm back to normal.
did you clean out the intake exhaust carbon? There are 6 holes in the intake that apparently get clogged and the problems come back...
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