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2002 Misfire All Cylinders | Have read other posts | Advice?

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PO301 through PO306 codes. Triggering CEL + VTM-4 lights. Car has 175k miles.

Work performed after reading through this great forum:

-Valve adjustment performed by local mechanic in Portland, OR
-Coils replaced with ones from a 50k mile motor by local mechanic
-New plugs
-EGR port cleaned
-New EGR valve
-New air filter
-Fresh oil change
-Lucas injector cleaner added to full tank of gas
-Premium gas always used


-CEL + VTM-4 lights still coming back on after clearing codes


-Should I take to Acura dealer have them perform valve adjustment again? What else am I missing here or should I try? This seems to be a common problem…
-Is there a way to ‘disconnect’ the connection between the CEL and VTM-4? In other words, it’s a big bummer to needlessly lose AWD in winter months when the car seemingly runs fine and the CEL goes on. Thoughts?

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I had the same issue with my new 2005 MDX. I bought it at an online auction. I didn’t see it for real before buying, only using Live Video Streaming and VIR tools, so I thought everything was very bad and I just lost my money. I read forums for fun, but luckily found this topic. I cleaned up the EGR and it worked out, thanks a lot
1 - 1 of 13 Posts