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2002 Mdx

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I just placed my order for a '02 MDX touring w/navi, white. I am told I may have it in mid-December. I currently have a '01 CL Type S black/tan and a '97 Carrera coupe white/tan. I am looking forward to the MDX. I shopped them all and Acura, by far, leads the pack.
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Great Choice!!!

Welcome to the club, MichaelH! We'll have twin cars when we get them!

BTW, at which dealership did you place your order? Delivery in 4-5 weeks is a shorter wait than most folks have.

I'm expecting my 'X to show up next week. It's been on order since the summer...


P.S. If you ever travel to the wine country, stop by! I can show you our vineyard, and if you want, give you a tasting tour of some special wineries. Or cheese makers. Or artisan bakeries. Or...
And here I thought I had the VIP offer from you, Marne! ;)

Don't worry, we'll be taking you up on it soon...

Rob :cool:
Well, almost!

Robyjo: You get the fraternal, older-sibling package, since you've got an slightly more seasoned 'X with a slightly (sensationally!) richer color. Of course, that package differs only in name.:D

Reply to Marne

Marne, Thank you. I bought my 2001 CL Type S from Mike Harvey Acura in Burlingame, specifically from Spencer Chan, their new car sales manager. He took good care of me and got me a car that at the time was "impossible" to get according to the other Bay Area dealerships. On top of that, there was no dealer mark-up, (which I liken to extortion).
He told me MSRP on the MDX with no forced accessories. That seemed reasonable to me given the supply/demand situation. Unfortunately, it seems most local dealerships have added several thousand dollars worth of accessories that, though I might want some or all of them, I don't like having them shoved down my throat.
I will keep the forum appraised of the end result. Have a good day. MichaelH
MichaelH said:
I just placed my order for a '02 MDX touring w/navi, white. I am told I may have it in mid-December.
That sounds great. If you are to receive you MDX in mid-Dec, the dealer should have build date of your car. You may want to ask to be sure. I placed my order with Steven Creeks since Oct, no news so far. :eek:
I'm glad that you are getting a fair deal. May be because you are a pass customer. I have never had and good experience at Mike Harvey. I still remenber they want $4K over MSRP last year.
Dealer Mark up

Wow, I would never shop at any dealer that tried to hit me with a dealer add on just because they have or can get a car. I will tell you that I see the RXS (Integra replacement) that I have seen in their dealerships all have a 2K add on. I don't know if they actually try to get that or not. I always considered buying a car a process of negotiation. I think some people actually walk in and just ask How much? Then write a check or sign he papers. Not me. But I do appreciate all of those "rich" people who can afford to do that so I can buy one at a better price. Good luck.
Car sales must be really bad right now.. Mike Harvey is by far the most expensive place.. They sold an Integra Type R for $10,000 over MSRP. And also the S2000 were $10,000 over...And $4000 over was what they wanted plus a couple of Accessories..


Congrats, Michael. Let us know when you take delivery.

I just ordered, for my wife, a Nighthawk Black MDX tour/navi set for delivery in late February. We are tired of her '98 Durango, especially after experiencing my '02 3.5RL (b-on-b).

Very happily paying 'only' MSRP for the MDX (especially when others, including, are asking 2-3k above MSRP). We're also getting the Protection pkg (wheel locks, cargo tray, rear mudflaps), cargo net, rear spoiler, side-step runners and door trim.

N.B. LOVE Acura's Navi to be about the best in the business; it's saved my bacon on more than a few rainy dark nights already. My brother in Canada just got a silver/black '02 MDX touring but no Navi available there (where MDX's are assembled!) and he's desperate for a comparable after-market system (e.g. Kenwood's DVD nav with touch screen $3,500-$4,800 before labor - what a steal from Acura).
Almost ready to buy

I've never been excited about an SUV until I laid eyes on the MDX. The 2002 w/touring but no navi appeals to me A LOT. The new color for spring, Havasu blue only further reinforces my choice. This will be my first SUV purchase, and a dealership in my area (on the peninsula) suggested I check out this website since I'm still in research mode. I checked out the MDX "problems" board and wonder about one problem in particular: a "whistling" noise issue when you hit 70+MPH. Unfortunately I have a lead foot and I'd hate to be dealing with undue static noise while freeway driving (no matter how pretty it is!) I did test drive one today and didn't notice the whistle, although the one I drove didn't have a roof rack, which I hear is partly a cause of the problem.

Would any of you happy MDX owners care to comment? Has this been an issue? And if so, on a scale of 1-10 (ten being worst) how big of an issue is this freeway whistle thing? Thx in advance. -pbug
Welcome to the boards pbug,
My understanding from reading the posts is that the whistling occurs at about 75 MPH in a strong cross wind. It seems that these two need to happen simultaneously. A Search may yield more details.

I also typically drive around 70-75 MPH and have not heard this whistling yet. And I have the roof rack.

Also, the 2002s were supposed to have moved the roof rack back a bit to help with wind-noise.

That's my experience, at least, others may have experienced differently.

I am extremely happy with our 'X in the soon to be one year we have had it. Cannot complain one bit.

Hi pbug, I have a late '01 with no whistling problems. Currently I also own a late model TL and a gorgeous '96 Legend, as well as a '97 Montero SR. The Montero is a typical boxy SUV at speed: noisy! the MDX, by comparison is reasonably quiet, not as quiet as my Legend, but relatively still compared to most SUV's. The X is the best luxury suv for the $ out there. The only problem I am experiencing is an annoying "Check Engine" light that the service dept can't seem to fix (4 visits so far). Other than that, the X has been fun to own and operate.
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