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As octavian posted - I have a 2001 RX & a 2001 MDX. I did a post about the differences between the 2 after owning the MDX for a week. You can find it here:

After having the MDX 2 months here are some more comments:

I like the MDX for the same reasons you stated as well as these:
- individual map lights. The RX has one that blinds you at night.
- turning radius is WAY better. Trying to park the RX is a joke and forget about a U-turn unless you have 4 lanes & a median in the middle.
- bose stereo sounds better than Lexus premium sound (I don't have Nakamichi)
- 6 disc in dash - way better than messing with that CD changer
- glove box shuts first time (although I understand many '01s have a glove box alignment problem, mine doesn't.) The RX glove box won't shut unless you try a few times & Lexus service mgr said all RXes have that problem & there is no fix for it.
- Navi system. I don't have it in the RX because it was CD based & you needed more than one CD to cover the US. Also the radio is integrated into the Navi screen & there have been a ton of problems with the unit (per my stepson who is a tech at Lexus)
-'s a personal thing, but I like the looks of the MDX better. My wife likes the looks of the RX better.

I wish the MDX had these features:
- auto up & down for all for windows
- rear windows roll all the way down
- real leather - not leather trim.
- wood quality is much better in RX - on steering wheel & all trim.
- HIDs - I love them on the RX
- a quieter interior above 50mph. There is no diff in noise level below 50mph, but above 50mph, the RX is way quieter.
-run on regular gas like the RX.

bottom line - overall, I like the MDX better - but would like a few of the RX's features added.

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As Redmdxmemphis stated - the big reason not to take the LX470 is $$, also I didn't like the layout of the 3rd row seats. I also believe that you can get a fully equipped Sequoia for about $40k and get a very nice SUV that appears to be about the same size as the LX470/Toyota Land Cruiser. One problem with the Sequoia is it has 3rd row seats like the Sienna van - they don't fold flat like the MDX, they tumble forward & I hated that on the Sienna I owned.

Highlander is too much like the RX for only a couple grand less
4Runner is a great SUV, but rides very rough & costs as much as the base MDX when fully equipped.

The MDX has the best value for the $$.
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