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2002 MDX trouble

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I waited 4 months for my MDX. We got it just before X-mas. Very nice, one sweet ride except... for my front end problems (does the thud count for 2002), my rear tailgate being racked (need to slam hard or sticks up 1/4" on drivers side), very hard starting at times (key fob?), a clunk from park to reverse whenever there is a load on the in park position (please don't tell me my tranny needs to be replaced) and my e-brake doesn't hold. Took 350 miles to find the problems. We were riding high when we picked up the MDX or I would have noticed the tailgate. Been to the dealership for the front end, said they tightened some bolts and hey... thanks for the gouge on my rear bumper. Didn't solve my front end problem, or any others, but I always wanted a scratch. Would you like some touch-up paint... pushing it. Is it me or should Acura be kissing my *** to make things right. Do you need to spend more than 42K to get a quality product??? The MDX is nice, but these are serious problems. We love this MDX, I called Acura, and at 42K the guy on the other end agreed... my butt should be kissed, but sorry not my job. Did set me up an appointment to have my truck looked at. I guess just because it's one of the "supposed" best suvs' it should be trouble free. Can I expect Acura to makes these problems right. Any info that supports these problems to resolve would be great. The dealer plays mickey the dunce, this new to us. I find this web site and almost die when I read about the problems. Good thing it lives in a garage or I'd probably have water trouble too. Please advise, Hench
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Sounds like you got the lot of problems... Persistence and maybe another dealership are the key here... Definetly, contacting Acura is a good idea. Maybe Tim can offer some suggestions?

The loud clunk when a load is on the tranny is normal for ANY car going from park to reverse, at least in every Automatic Car I've ever driven. Have to park on inclines every now and then. When I forget to set e-brake FIRST, you get the hard to shift and the clunk.

Things not matching up sounds like they rushed it to completion and Acura's body shop should be able to realign it and therfore allow it to close correctly, thereby making it easier to close as well. (I do notice my wife's volvo v70 hatch closes easier and my previous Pathfinder did as well).

Hard starting, could be the key fob, but look at what the little green key is doing when it gives you trouble starting. Could help with the diagnosing.

What type of front-end problems?

Hope this helps and good luck.
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