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Our 2002 Acura MDX (touring with navigation...which gets unused) navigation screen is going in and out, random freezing at times. After quite a bit of testing I verified it's not the DVD side but the navi screen itself (bad contacts, perhaps pwr supp, etc). This year/model screen has the little joytick lower left, hard buttons above (cancel, a/c-trip, maps/navi and menu). Blue background which shows a digital mpg gauge, digital HVAC control buttons bottom left (flow, a/c, fan speed).

It's dated navi anyway so I'd love to dump it. We use our phones for GPS. All we NEED the unit for is for HVAC control. The navi DVD is loading and working, it's the screen that is going in and out, freezing sometimes too. It's not a plug connection issue either, some bad joint(s) or worse inside it).

Before sending this in for repair I wanted to ask if it's possible to swap in any other model (same year 01 or 02 , used) navi or NON-Navi that has hardware HVAC buttons for control and ditch the navigation?
Anyone done this? I've searched but not seeing much in regard.
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