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2002 MDX Issue While Stopping in Gear

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I have a 2002 Acura MDX with 196,000 miles that has a strange issue. Sometimes when I am stopped (with my foot on the brake) while in gear it will try to lurch forward a little bit and has stalled on me twice when doing this, both times while waiting on a long red light. This only happens when it has been running for a while and it does not happen when running cold or in park/neutral. I think it could be a transmission/transfer case issue. Sometimes I notice a light grinding sound coming from around the transfer case when I put it in gear. The ATF looks full and clean every time I check. All of the gears work fine, there is no slippage whatsoever when shifting. There is no check engine light coming on either. Help me figure this out before I take it to a shop, I am stumped.
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Did they check for codes when you were at O'reilly's?
Sounds like it could be a problem with the fuel pump.
Yes, I think most auto parts stores will check codes for free (although they may not be able to read oem specific PIDs/codes). They can also check your battery/starter/alternator.
There is no issue with the battery, starter, or alternator.
You're welcome
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