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2002 Mahogany Pearl

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Hey wassup.......just took delivery on Thurs. 2002 Mahogany Pearl and went bananas ordering accessories for it. The best part however is that here in the NJ/NY area the weather has been pleasantly I get a chance to roll with the windows down and sunroof open...that is until the inclement weather hits us. As soon as I came off the dealer's lot I went straight to Eastcoast Auto Accessories where I ordered the wheels for my M3 and had the X tinted with the same percentage as it came with and installed 20" Giovanna Anzio chrome wheels. I wanted to install 22" wheels but it woudln't look good and I would have sacrificed the smooth luxury ride the X provides. I have also ordered from Tim the tailgate (painted..sweet!), shift knob, rear cargo mat (for simple protection), and the rear splash guards. I have also ordered the manik stainless steel side steps and the platinum price HID's for all (fogs, lows, highs) and wooddash kit from Joshua Tree. I also plan on adding an audio/video setup, already have the Panasonic DVD/CD head unit (great price!!! Thanks Xtreme), X box from MS and waiting on delivery for the rest (Indash Panasonic 7" screen for the front as well as a 7" from the ceiling for the rear passengers, amps and speakers, dvd changer and cd changer). As I install everything I will post this point in time all I have is a pic of the wheels since it gets dark by the time I get home and I have to leave the installations for the weekend. Thanks again to Tim and Xtreme for their feedback and well as the rest of you in the forum for the tips, suggestions, facts and knowledge you have posted....great forum!!!!


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MDXplosion, The MDX looks tremendous!! very nice. Those wheels are sweet! How much was your package for the wheels and tires? Eventually I want to get some wheels also. Enjoy the ride.
Congratulations and welcome to the owner club. I really like your wheels. Look GREAT!

Enjoy your ride and let us know your experience.
Re: How much


The entire package which included wheels, tires, wheel locks and balanced was for $3300 that is including tax. However since I always use this vendor for all of my accessories he gave me a substantial discount....Without the discount it would have cost in the range of 3800 - 3900.

I suggest shop around and make sure you select a wheel you will be happy with for some time to come...luckily I was able to try on several wheels on the X before deciding on the Anzio....I even went to the extent of seeing them in motion on the wheel balance machine me crazy but I just wanted to make sure I purchased the right wheel.

In motion the wheels are hot! My girlfriend was driving the X while I drove beside her in my other toy and you could clearly see that big spring through the rims...that made my night :D

Good luck shopping for your wheels gokings and keep us posted with pics once you do get them....
Re: tdnone

Thanks for the welcome tdnone....I will most definitely enjoy this ride!!!

I look forward to sharing my experience with the rest of the forum....

thanks again.

MDXplosion -- looks awesome. Good idea to see what the wheels look like spinning. I think that you made the right call to go with the 20" wheels instead of the 22" ones.

You have a very ambitious list of stuff to add -- please post pictures as the installations continue -- I'm looking forward to see it progress......

Have fun, and safe MDXing
Just PMed You

Hey MDXplosion,
Just Pmed you. Check your InBox. Let me know...
Thanks again
Those rims are tight. I want to eventually get rims but must first save up for it. Spent all my money on my amplifier and sub. $3,300 seems like an extremly expensive setup. A good place to get rims and tires 40% off would be . Mention my name and they will have no idea who I am. Always wanted to be able to say mention my name and they will give a special deal. Anyway I'm interested in getting some black metalic rims, I'm just debating over 19" or 20". 20" might too much for the roads around here. Once again, enjoy your rims, I'm envious of you.
20" wheels on the road

Manus : 20" might too much for the roads around here

Hey Manus I know exactly what you mean about the roads. But I have been with these 20" wheels in both NJ/NY and have been keeping a close eye to the type of pot holes that are critical to the ones that are not. I must admit the common pot holes and cracks that are on the roads in both NJ/NY (from south jersey to north and from Far Rockaway Queens to the city) dont really affect the wheels. At first I was petro (petrified) and watching every bump (still am a bit, but not as much) now I just keep an eye out for the type of pot holes that will leave me dropping $600 on another rim & tire combo to replace a cracked and busted tire...:cool: Barring any huge pot hole or ditch (which no matter which size tire/wheel your going to suffer damage) you shouldnt have any problems with the 20" I just ride and keep on MDXin!!!!

Also keep this mind, if you do get the 19" and then want to go up a size then now you have the task of selling and getting rid of the 19" to come up to 20".....but overall 19" wheels is going to look just as hot! I just like to always push the envelope and take a step further :p Good luck and when you get them let me know....perhaps we can meet and check each other's X out....

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Very nice wheels indeed! Just wondering what size rubber you got on them. Also, what width are those rims, 8.5" or 9".
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